Immersive 3D guides for all major city attractions (SF)

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Alex Miller@fotoflo
Wow, the UI/UX is surprisingly awesome. How did you achieve those cool 3d graphics?
Josh HollandMaker@joshuabholland · bause sause
@fotoflo Thanks Alex! With a mix of old architectural plans, maps, and some LiDAR point cloud data, we were able to recreate each of the models (currently done by hand) to a really precise degree of accuracy. The lighting is applied through Unity at the end of the modeling process.
Marc St Raymond@msaint · Founder, Jade Leaf Matcha
Your very own little sidekick. Ohhhh, that's where the name comes from! :-P So awesome. Great work guys.
Josh HollandMaker@joshuabholland · bause sause
@msaint Thank you sir Marc! <3
Cynthia Schames@cynthiaschames
Holy amazing design! Way to go you guys. I can see this having massive application for theme parks, music festivals, and all sorts of other things past the typical city attractions.
Josh HollandMaker@joshuabholland · bause sause
@CynthiaSchames Cheers Cynthia, and you're spot on!
Steve Benjamins@stevebenjamins · Founder, Site Builder Report
Very cool! The guides look very sophisticated— are you developing a tool for users to be able to build their own guides? Or is creating the guides too technical?
Josh HollandMaker@joshuabholland · bause sause
@stevebenjamins Thank you Steve - right now the process is very curated (difficult making crowd-sourced content high quality), but that's definitely something we'll be considering as Guidekick develops.