Guide to Community Building

The Mighty Networks Guide to Building Communities Online

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Hey Product Hunters! As a team, we at Mightybell have collectively been building communities online and in the real world for over a decade. (Um, wow.) So, we thought it could be helpful to share a few things we’ve learned! This free Guide to Community Building is a rich, detailed handbook for anyone who is in the business of growing an active, engaged community — whether you’re an entrepreneur, a community manager or you're building a following and you want to turn it into a profitable, sustainable business. The guide isn’t just a video. It’s also a downloadable PDF that you can print out and use to generate practical, actionable ideas that will set your community up for success from day one. We’ve been sharing this one-on-one with the folks who are building communities on Mightybell — with fantastic results — and we hope you find it useful as well. Hit us up if you have any questions!
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