A virtual interview experience for your candidates ✨

Guide helps you deliver a magical interview experience to every candidate, no matter where they are. Showcase your culture virtually and win more candidates with a personalized interview experience. Guide is free and integrates with any recruiting stack.
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🤩👋 Hi Product Hunt! I’m so excited to share Guide with the world - it’s the most fun product we’ve ever built (which includes the website if you couldn’t tell :). It’s not only work that is going remote - hiring has gone virtual as well. We built Guide so companies can deliver a personalized interview experience for every candidate, no matter where they are. Creating a personal Google Doc for each candidate we interview has been our team’s biggest competitive advantage for winning top talent for years. Candidates love knowing what the interview process entails, who they'll meet and how to best prepare. This is time consuming to create but it matters - because it helps candidates get to know us before making such a big life decision. With Guide, we’ve taken this idea to the next level not only for hiring teams, but also for candidates. Candidates can now see their interview stage in real time, meet their interview team, view detailed schedules and tips to prepare, offer anonymous feedback and much more. The response we’ve gotten from both companies and candidates has been overwhelming. Guide is now used by companies like Reddit, Glossier, Netlify, Domino Data, Sift, Handy and many more. We truly hope Guide helps raise the standard for candidate experience far and wide - that’s why we made it free 💙 💬 Feedback If you’re a candidate, hiring manager or recruiter, we’d love your thoughts! What crazy ideas can we add to Guide to make the experience more magical for you or your candidates? Happy (virtual) hiring, Troy
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@destroysultan This looks awesome! We currently use Google Docs to do some version of this. But this looks like it pulls in some great things together. Excited to check it out.
It’s a DOMINO’S PIZZA TRACKER for jobs 🍕🍕!
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I've been using this product for a few months now and it's made my process so much more efficient and seamless! Majority of my candidates are in the East Coast while I'm based on in the West Coast. I used to manually change the interview times to reflect the candidates' time zones. After the introduction to these guides, I never had to spend time changing time zones again.
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gah! we're blushing ☺️ Thanks @yuhsin_chang!
I've spent countless hours over the last few years telling @destroysultan and @austincooley about all kinds of terrible experiences I've had interviewing for product manager roles. I rarely had a sense for where I was in the process and the communication was always very mechanical and ultra-professional. I'm so happy to see that Troy, Austin and the Resource team have taken feedback from me and hundreds of other applicants to heart and generated a beautiful experience that embodies transparency and emphasizes humanity and personality throughout. I've never been more optimistic about the future of recruiting. Congrats on the launch! 🎉🎉🎉
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@viableben more jam sessions to come! Thanks for your feedback and support over the years, your DNA is def threaded in the product (just pick your favorite best parts - those are all you! ;)
As a recruiting coordinator, I now LIVE by guides! They have brought our candidate experience to the next level and have made scheduling and sending out candidate communications on my end much easier and more fun.
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@delaney_lindell yay, so happy to hear you're liking it Delaney. makes us so happy :)