Turning your text into a whimsy GIF message instantly!

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Hi all, For those who don't know me, my name is Rotem and I'm one of Guggy's co-founders. You've probably seen me commenting here with Guggy GIF Message from time to time :) Guggy's purpose is to fun-up your conversations. We do it by providing you with a way to turn your text into a relevant whimsy GIF message in real-time and add context to GIFs. To get more technical, we use smart tech and NLP to analyze your text message, match an accurate humorous GIF and recreate it with the text message animated on the GIF, hence the term "GIF Message". To make things more fun, everytime you use Guggy you will get a different GIF. In the last 2.5 months (while we were in beta) we had over 1.5M GIFs created and sent by 100K users. Guggy is now available on multiple platforms and apps such as: iMessage Extension (iOS 10), Slack, Chrome Extension, Guggy Keyboard for Android, KiK & more (you can see the full list at Beside that, we have an API and our main goal is to get to all the big players such as Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, etc so you'll be able to use Guggy seamlessly. We support emojis, text smileys, slang, expressions & over 30 languages. For example, "I luv PH! πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ±" will produce: I think that one of the cool things that we do is to make almost every GIF usable in chats by adding a specific message to it. For example: A little bit about us. When we started a year ago we wanted to create a humor platform, a place to create and read funny content with emphasize on GIFs. We've really focused on creating GIFs and making it as easy as possible. In that process we realized that we had found a way to do it automatically and by that allowing everyone in the world to create GIFs. Thank you all for your support. I'll be here all day long (not sleeping today) to answer any question you may have.
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We are now on the iMessage store!
@rotemthegolfer cool!! Does it work with Whatsapp??
@rotemthegolfer I have just used it on Imessage, it works perfectly!
@hlandao Thank Hadar. Currently WhatsApp does not support GIFs. However, if you will use our Android Keyboard you will get a video instead.
It's great for group chats and can become addictive and funny! Great job and good luck!
fun-up my conversations? yes please! thanks guys @rotemthegolfer
@shyrosenzweig hehe, thanks
@rotemthegolfer -- Finally you've launched it on Product hunt..:) I'm happy to see guggy here...:) Btw, I hunted "Guggy" when you were in your beta stage (later it was removed based on your request). Anyway, I'm excited to use guggy. Keep up the great work..:) love your new chrome extension.