Crime and sex offenders monitoring app

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Guardyman is a mobile app for mointoring crime and sex offenders, it was designed to keep you aware of local danger. It shows the latest registered crimes and a list of sex offenders and provides essential insights into what’s happening in your area.

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Carlos Matallín
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  • Yuliya  Keskin
    Yuliya KeskinOwner of UMT Conference

    Useful for travelers


    Can be used only in USA

    Would be great to scale this product to Europe countries.

    Yuliya Keskin has never used this product.
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NikMaker@platonenkonik · Founder @CryptoTNG
Hello, Product Hunters and everyone who cares about safety! Today, I’d like to present you the recently released Guardyman app. Basically, I aimed to design an application that would provide stats on crimes and sex offenders in the selected location and help people avoid dangerous areas. I think this app will serve a good purpose to everyone who cares about their security. So, Guardyman makes data analysis on committed crimes and shows stats broken down by categories. Plus, there is a sex offenders list with addresses, heat map with detected crimes, and other features that estimate the danger level in your area. Now, what’s good about Guardyman is that you don’t have to monitor statistics around the clock. I didn’t want people to feel paranoid in no way. Instead, I’ve added this super comprehensive option where you enter a location and the destination point, and the map displays your route with the whole picture of local sex offenders and crimes. Based on that, you can change your direction and find safer ways to get to the intended place. As been said, the app gives updates on the crime situation and sex offenders in your neighborhood. It intends to keep you away from danger. What do you think about it? Please share feedback and drop me a line on @platonenkonik. Feel free to ask questions! Stay safe and guard your life!
I have an awesome idea! You can sell 10-20-100 visits to gym Ps. You can even sell a gun as an add-on to your app
Oleg Avrah
Oleg AvrahMaker@oleg_avrah
@ruslannaz Nice idea. We'll try :)
Pavel Pavlenko
Pavel Pavlenko@pavel_pavlenko · Co-founder and COO @ HelpCrunch
@ruslannaz or if you’re a lonely person - this could be a dating service with the 100% success rate. Joke. Really good idea for those who travel to dangerous cities.
Eugene Lata
Eugene Lata@eugenelata · VP of Marketing at Serpstat
Wow. Looks like a very useful tool. Do you update information only for US? Any chance we will see statistics for European countries in the future?
Oleg Avrah
Oleg AvrahMaker@oleg_avrah
@eugenelata Hi! Yes, now we have information only for the US because the information is publicly available. I'm not sure if European countries (except the UK) have the same policy regarding the criminal data.
Roman Pramberger
Roman Pramberger@talkb1nary · Dev
@eugenelata @oleg_avrah They dont. Most western countries dont do public shaming these days and/or value privacy, even of accused criminals.
Oleg Avrah
Oleg AvrahMaker@oleg_avrah
@eugenelata @talkb1nary The UK does. They also have some kind of sex offenders registry. So, the situation is not that bad! :)
Galina Divakova
Galina Divakova@kengu_rut · 5 years in mobile app advertising
Hey guys, how do you collect all that information and how often do you update it?
Oleg Avrah
Oleg AvrahMaker@oleg_avrah
@kengu_rut Thank you for a question. We use police databases to update crime information for each state on a daily basis.
Sergey Pirogov
Sergey Pirogov@perpetuous · CEO & Founder, wayme (
Really great Idea 👍
Oleg Avrah
Oleg AvrahMaker@oleg_avrah
@perpetuous Thank you! :)