A desktop app that finds you perfectly matching subtitles.

gSubs is a desktop app that finds you the perfect subtitle match for your videos. Simply download now and drag and drop videos to get started. It was developed with simplicity and productivity in mind. gSubs consist of many useful features to make your life easier when you're about to watch a movie or TV series. Download now as it's open source.

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Hi @jacqvon, how is it different from Caption by @gielcobben?
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@jacqvon @gielcobben @goodsceptic Thanks Félix Corroenne, I'm glad you brought up this question. I've myself been a great fan of Cobben and Vernon's Caption. In fact, Caption was one of the motivation for me to make gSubs. As for your question, gSubs does everything that Caption does and in addition gSubs have deep search. For every failure to find subtitles, gSubs can make a deep search which basically searches in OpenSubtitles's database using the file name in order to get a list of possible suitable subtitle. This deep search will be constantly updated in order to become as reliable as possible.
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@sanjevirau Awesome, thanks for the quick answer, I’ll check that asap then
Hey @sanjevirau, What made you want to build this app?
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@jacqvon Thanks for asking jacqvon! I don't watch movies in my computer without subtitles. Everytime when I want to watch a movie, I had to find for suitable subtitles that matches the video file, which takes quite a time. gSubs solves this everyday problem we all face. Now, you just need to drag and drop the video file and gSubs takes care of the rest of the work.