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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I've seen several of these pop up like Up for Instagram and many get shut down quickly for understandable reasons. I'm surprised IG hasn't built a tool for brands to better manage their feed.
Joe Sturgess
Joe Sturgess@sturge87 · Marketing Exec, SwiftSocial
@rrhoover So many of them use Android emulators to process the actions, bit concerning that agencies don't have a solid (and legit) tool for this, the uptake would be massive and Instagram could probably charge for it too.
Joel Patrick
Joel PatrickHiring@joelapatrick · Head of Product at HealthUnlocked
@rrhoover Yeah, a friend of mine is building, which I think looks a bit nicer than this. Also surprised that instagram hasn't sorted it...
James Koole
James Koole@deleted-21562
@joelapatrick @rrhoover Instagram doesn't want to sort this. They want brands to use their paid sponsored ads to post, and not to post for free on regular accounts.
James Mundy
James Mundy@_jamesmundy · CTO @ SailConnect
@rrhoover Hootsuite I think has the ability to post to Instagram now.
Mauro Sicard
Mauro Sicard@maurosicard ·
@rrhoover I'm very surprised too. I manage multiple big Instagram accounts and basically use an Android phone that can be controlled on Mac OS, so it is way faster than typing and managing them on the phone. Hope Instagram creates a tool for this, or at least let developers do it.
They don’t display their pricing before you sign up (Boooo!) They sent me a password in cleartext via email (Boooo!) No was to deactivate or delete account (Boooo!)
Carsten Knobloch
Carsten Knobloch@caschy · Blogger
@cenk thx 4 warning....
Kostas Xiradakis
Kostas XiradakisHunter@kostgx · Product Manager at VivaPayments
@cenk Digital Ocean also does Number 2. About 1-3 you're absolutely right and I already contacted about them. They said that there will be a deactivate or delete account button very very soon. I guess they're just being lean.
Kostas Xiradakis
Kostas XiradakisHunter@kostgx · Product Manager at VivaPayments
@esbvn @cenk $3.95/month/account
Ivan Grumov
Ivan GrumovMaker@igrumov
@cenk tnx for feedback! - Pricing link is placed in the footer. - Yes, Grum password is cleartext yet. But IG password is always absolutely encrypted and protected. - We released feature to delete account just today. It’s not so popular feature and we want to keep Grum as simple & reliable as rifle :)
Georg Krueger
Georg Krueger@georgkrueger · Product Owner, Music Maker JAM
YES! I was waiting for this so long !
Ivan Grumov
Ivan GrumovMaker@igrumov
@georgkrueger wow, Georg, it's so nice to hear that! really
Kostas Xiradakis
Kostas XiradakisHunter@kostgx · Product Manager at VivaPayments
I was just playing with it (the pictures are screenshots from my own profile 🙊). Got it from my Twitter feed and it seems to work! I'm wondering whether instagram will block it or not.
Ivan Grumov
Ivan GrumovMaker@igrumov
@kostgx We've set up our own solution, and it works just like a swiss clock and the secret sauce is — we don’t violate Instagram/Facebook Terms of Use (a clause saying that posts must be initiated by an Instagram user)
Chris Scott
Chris Scott@chrisgscott · I make stuff for pro photographers.
Even just a quick way to switch from a personal to a business account in-app would suffice at this point.