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Interesting! Which hack has brought you the most growth/valuable connections?
Thanks @zelena ! As I'm working in a B2B company, I think my favorite hack is "Help your lead convince his boss". We had a great conversion on this one.The hack to export your Linkedin connection's emails is also super useful ! What about you ?
@antoinemilkoff Haha I see! Well I haven't used any of these yet - but I was amused by the "pay with a tweet" strategy.
Coming to the end of 2018, we have seen a ton of new trends in growth, any favorites?
I love the idea. I would rather not have to sign up to see more of the details...but I guess this kind of goes against the whole growth thing. As for the actual experience, I did find the full screen take over for the sign up a bit jarring. There is no message/warning/indication I need to sign up to see more on that page. Having some context on the sign up screen would increase your conversion rate. My first thought was the hack you linked to wanted me to sign up. The other thing that would help would be supporting the back button on the sign up take over. Maybe it is my age, but when I click a link and get the impression I am on the next page, I expect back to work. Either way, certainly compelling enough to get me to sign up.
Thank you very much ! Very useful and arlready using it !
I'm glad you like it @clement_pont_ !
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