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Hey folks 🖖, It's been almost two years since I launched Growthhacklist on Product Hunt - it started as a quick MVP with a database of the best growth hacking ideas. Today I am super happy and a bit nervous to launch Growthhacklist 2.0. Little Backstory The first version was a MVP with “just” an Airtable Database and the best growth hacking ideas and methods I could find - I ordered them by categories and added all resources I could find for each topic. It was quite a success with almost 1000 upvotes on Product Hunt and people started to buy access to the list. For me it was a great way to see if there was a need for such a service but after all the Product Hunt traffic I started to struggle a bit with where to go next with Growthhacklist. I put a lot of effort and time into the next version and added just the features I wanted to use or felt I needed as an indie maker - I made everything on this site by myself and in doing so I forgot from time to time to share, communicate and test the new features with the world outside of my desk :-) This ends today... It is finally the day I feel ready to share Growthhacklist 2.0 - it is still a work-in-progress and I am working every day to improve the site but here are the new features on the site: Methods and Tutorials The core of Growthhacklist is still methods, ideas and tutorials about useful growth methods, marketing ideas or guides about how to use a service. Interviews I always learn a lot from other makers, so I started to interview indie makers asking them questions about SEO, Content Marketing, tools they are using and how they get their first users. Resources On the resource page I collect everything to help with running a business as an indie maker: lists with websites you can crosspost your content, SEO tools for your business, learning material (books, websites and tutorials), articles you must read before launching a start up as an indie maker etc. Profile and Contribute Page The last feature I added in the past few days is the profile page - you can now create your “maker” profile and link it to maker ecosystem platforms like IndieHackers, Producthunt, MakerLog, WIP etc. Furthermore, you can set a Monthly Recurring Revenue goal you want to achieve, add the revenue you make every month and also show your net revenue with your expenses so people can follow your progress. As a user you can also easily share your knowledge by submitting your articles, tutorials or in an interview. I know that these are a lot of new features and I would be super happy to get some feedback or ideas about what to improve or things you would like to see. Last, but not least, I would like to say thank you to some makers that were really supportive and helped me out a lot: The whole MakerLog community especially @ftxrc @fajarsiddiq @spekulatius1984 and huge thank you to all the makers like @anthilemoon @chrisvxd @thisdickie @cuireuncroco @vikaszv95 @fabiorosado @justalever @musharofchy @rickhaasteren spending their time to answer my questions! So looking forward to your feedback! Cheers, Tobi
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Massive congrats on the launch! 🙌
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@anthilemoon Thanks Anne!!!!
Woo huge congrats on launching! I wish you the best of luck today and post launch of course :)
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Great resource, congrats on the launch!
Congrats Tobi. Looks really good
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@harrydry Thanks Harry!
Great interviews from great people. I especially love that the questions are different for each interview, there's much more chance of learning something valuable because they are specific to the skills and knowledge of that person being interviews. Great job Tobias - and thank you for having me too, I can't wait to see my interview published!
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@dinkydani21 Thanks a lot Danielle! I think we can learn a lot from each other by sharing our knowledge - and can't wait for your interview...Pretty sure you have a lot of valuable insights to share!
Congratulations on the launch! It's exciting to see this website growing while helping others grow :)
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@bsamel Thanks Basile!!! Hope i can help some people with it
Congrats on the ⚡launch, keep it up. Best wishes man
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