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Thanks @rrhoover! Happy to answer any questions. We launched on October 1st last year and growth has been good.
I'm surprised this wasn't posted earlier. I'm a fan of what @seanellis, @DylanLaCom, @EveretteTaylor, @NikkiElizDemere, and the rest of the team have built.
GH has become an excellent resource for us at Tradecraft. @SeanEllis - one of my favorite questions to ask entrepreneurs is "why?" Why did you build GrowthHackers.com?
@rrhoover For several reasons, but the most important one was that I wished something like it existed for myself. I wanted a place where I could geek out about growth engines and share interesting resources. I also wanted to give marketers a platform to better build their reputation among peers. It took me several years to build a following, but I've had feedback from others that GH has helped them build a reputation in just weeks. Lots more plans of course.
@SeanEllis - "I wished something like it existed for myself." I certainly empathize with you. That was my motivation to startup Product Hunt as well.