A full guide featuring proven insights about the future of ecommerce. Get perspectives into the most effective tools and strategies fast-growing brands like Revolve, Asos, Sephora and more are using.
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Hey everyone!🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m Lisa, co-founder at Relevon. After building and selling five ecommerce brands in the past 5 years, we’ve realized how fast things change in this game. What worked six months ago may not work today. Those who actually succeed always find new ways to stay ahead of the curve.🤯 We’ve dedicated the past months to researching, understanding and documenting what fast growing brands are doing to stay ahead. What’s their “secret sauce”. The funny thing is that we’ve seen patterns across brands. Growth hacking your way to success in ecommerce is totally possible with the right tools and strategies. That’s why we decided to put everything together into one sweet guide. If you’re looking for new ways to scale your ecommerce by staying ahead of the curve, check out the guide. You’ll see at least one golden nugget inside.🤓 Hope this helps and, as usual, share some love (and your feedback)! Lisa & Andrei
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@lisapopovici Super Tare Lisa! Felicitari pentru produs si pentru Ghid! Sper sa ne vedem la HowtoWeb :)
Thank you for the guide. By the way, it is Affiliatly not Affiliately (if we talk about the same product). Also, @lisapopovici from your background with five eCommerce brands, what would be some of the experiments you would run to acquire your first customers for a new store?
@lecoupa Oh, you’re right. I added an ‘e’ by mistake🙈 That’s a great question! First of all, I’d look into what kind of niche the store is in. Based on that, I’d go about exploring initial acquisition channels. Our stores were in the fashion niche and we started investing in creating a brand from day 1. What worked well for us: influencer marketing (with the caveat that picking the right influencers is critical) helped us generate quality content. That content was then used in Facebook/Instagram ads and resulted almost instant results. From there, we kept building a community around our social media pages. Simply look at your niche, find out where do the customers hang out and start being active in those communities. Hope this helps!
Awesome guide, can't wait to read it!
@andrei_tuduce Glad you like it!
I've learned some neat tricks out of this book, would strongly recommend it to anyone, even if not in the ecommerce bussiness!
@adrian_mota Appreciate it 🙌🏼!