Growth Hacker Marketing

A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising

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@ryanholiday Great book. I'm surprised no one posted before you.
@chikodi That's very kind of you. Thanks. The book has been a hell of an experience
@ryanholiday @chikodi it was posted on product hunt before: & not sure why it's on the homepage again...
@ryanholiday @chikodi @_jacksmith yeah, I have it on my kindle from when it posted the first time. I think the first time around might have been for his course?
@chikodi @_jacksmith I think it made it because of my list of books which I curated for PH
In 2013, I wrote an article and ebook as an MVP called "Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing & Advertising." That book went on to sell tens of thousands of copies and was translated in many languages. Now there is a revised and greatly expanded edition out in ebook and paperback with Penguin Portfolio as well as a course version built by Fedora. It came out of my experiences as the director of marketing at American Apparel and realizing just how irrelevant many of these skills are in light of the massive growth success stories we're seeing in the startup space. Billion dollar brands are being created without traditional marketing--if you're trying launch, grow or build a business, it's important to study why and most importantly, how this is happening. Oh and here is my goat with her copy: Feel free to ask me questions. And of course, check out the book on Amazon: Also here is the full breakdown of how this book was growth hacked (very meta) from start to finish:
@ryanholiday Currently reading this :)
Just purchased on Amazon. Looking forward to the read!
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