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Can't tell you how cool using the Fedora platform has been. I see this course as an additional format for the book. In the future, hopefully with all business books we'll see: ebook, audiobook, hardcover, paperback and course. Enjoy!
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@ryanholiday have you thought of creating a course to accompany your confessions of a media manipulator book ?
@ryanholiday I signed up for the course via paypal but never got a welcome or confirmation email from you guys. How do I login?
@forthecool I actually have one with Creativelive https://www.creativelive.com/cou...
After @ryanholiday wrote the excellent Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising, we approached him about creating a short online course to go along with the book. In addition to the same concepts discussed in the book, the course is enriched with exercises based on the book, a hybrid video-text format and the ability to directly engage with Ryan about anything at all. Additionally - everyone that buys the online course will get a copy of either the Kindle version or physical book sent to them for free.
I've read the book already (devoured might be a better term), so I'm eager to get this... Don't suppose there'll be a little gold star appearing anytime soon, @ryanholiday? ;)
If you bought Ryan's book do you get discounted access to the course?! ;)
@mzuvella It's designed to encourage you to give the extra copy away :)
Nifty. Ryan's Trust Me I'm Lying has single-handedly ruined the Internet for me, so looking forward to the rest. The price on this course is pretty reasonable, so will definitely be checking it out.