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  • Christopher Krohn
    Christopher KrohnMarketing Coordinator at 24onoff

    Fantastic interface and features, easy to customize for a specific user journey and ridiculously quick to set up with copy/paste code.


    Limited campaign goals and documentation. No chat within the platform. Not built for translations.

    I have been working with a ton of different referral programs for the past year and Growsurf takes pretty much all the development work out of setting up a seemingly integrated referral program.

    I was set up in less than 12 hours, and that includes making user journeys and finishing design and copy of the landing pages.

    Most of what I have been building myself over tons, and tons of iterations are available within the platform, and its very easy to use.

    I will continue to push for more features, specifically towards ongoing referral programs, as this seems to be missing in the platform as of now. Also, translation files set up with a platform like Crowdin or an open translation community would be greatly appreciated.

    To summarise:

    hats off to you guys, for building what I think is a very unique product.

    Christopher Krohn has used this product for one week.
  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav SharmaEntrepreneur

    Great tool with a whooping number of built in functionalities



    Great experience till now :)

    Gaurav Sharma has used this product for one day.
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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Nice!! Setting up a campaign for now (to win cryptokitties obv)
Derek Melvin
Derek MelvinMaker@demelvin
@bentossell Awesome! Please feel free to reach out to us via the ChatPort messenger if you run into any issues or have any questions. Thanks!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Thanks for hunting @thisdickie, it looks really straight forward, I can see anyone setting up a referral campaign in just a few minutes. A useful tool you're giving away for free @demelvin @kevinyun -- what's your long term vision for GrowSurf?
Derek Melvin
Derek MelvinMaker@demelvin
Thanks @abadesi! No long term vision just yet. Although there is a long list of features. Listening to our users and continuing to improve the product is our only foreseeable future at the moment.
Gregg Housh
Gregg Housh@gregghoush · Activist, CTO, TV Consultant
I'll ask the obvious question, because this looks great, how long is it going to be free? If it ever shuts down, will we be able to get a good dump of all of our data? Thanks for providing this for free.
@gregghoush One of the reasons we built this was because we always thought there should be a free referral service out there. That's why we intend on always having a forever free plan. The plan for the future will probably be a premium plan (remove badge, etc). As far as data goes, you can always export your contacts as a CSV at anytime. If we ever shut down, we'll give you a lengthy heads up so that you have enough time to do so :)
Yasha Prikhodko
Yasha Prikhodko@yashafromrussia · CTO @ Zambah,
I was looking for something similar literally yesterday. It's good at its simplicity - collecting form values & keeping record of referrals.
Derek Melvin
Derek MelvinMaker@demelvin
@yashafromrussia Awesome to hear! This is exactly the reason why we built this. Please free to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!
Growth Connections
Growth Connections@connect2growth · Connect to your growth
@yashafromrussia You can try Growth Connections as well, we also have a free plan
✎ Andrew Warner
✎ Andrew Warner@andrewwarner
@demelvin any plans to add more integrations? Maybe with Zapier?
Derek Melvin
Derek MelvinMaker@demelvin
@andrewwarner Absolutely! Zapier is actually on deck for our next integration. Stay tuned :)
Growth Connections
Growth Connections@connect2growth · Connect to your growth
@andrewwarner You can try Growth Connections as well, we also have a free plan.