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GrowSurf is a free tool that helps you run viral referral campaigns πŸš€

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Nice!! Setting up a campaign for now (to win cryptokitties obv)
@bentossell Awesome! Please feel free to reach out to us via the ChatPort messenger if you run into any issues or have any questions. Thanks!
Thanks for hunting @thisdickie, it looks really straight forward, I can see anyone setting up a referral campaign in just a few minutes. A useful tool you're giving away for free @demelvin @kevinyun -- what's your long term vision for GrowSurf?
Thanks @abadesi! No long term vision just yet. Although there is a long list of features. Listening to our users and continuing to improve the product is our only foreseeable future at the moment.
I'll ask the obvious question, because this looks great, how long is it going to be free? If it ever shuts down, will we be able to get a good dump of all of our data? Thanks for providing this for free.
@gregghoush One of the reasons we built this was because we always thought there should be a free referral service out there. That's why we intend on always having a forever free plan. The plan for the future will probably be a premium plan (remove badge, etc). As far as data goes, you can always export your contacts as a CSV at anytime. If we ever shut down, we'll give you a lengthy heads up so that you have enough time to do so :)
I was looking for something similar literally yesterday. It's good at its simplicity - collecting form values & keeping record of referrals.
@yashafromrussia Awesome to hear! This is exactly the reason why we built this. Please free to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!
@yashafromrussia You can try Growth Connections as well, we also have a free plan
@demelvin any plans to add more integrations? Maybe with Zapier?
@andrewwarner Absolutely! Zapier is actually on deck for our next integration. Stay tuned :)
@andrewwarner You can try Growth Connections as well, we also have a free plan.