Growmodo 2.0

Unlimited website and design help for a flat monthly fee

#4 Product of the DayApril 20, 2018

Growmodo 2.0 is a monthly marketing concierge service for small business owners and startup founders who need consistent design work done, regular updates of their website and help with setting up their marketing funnels and email marketing campaigns.

For a monthly flat price, you get access to our team of designers, developers and marketers.

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As an owner of a — very small — design shop, I can't help but wonder how is pricing like yours possible. It immediately makes me questions the quality of the work that will be delivered. Please don't get me wrong, I am honestly interested in learning how you can manage to pull this off. We run a similar service and there's no way we can get close to your prices, even if we're only supplementing our main agency's workload through it.
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@draganbabic my guess is because they aren’t unlimited at all: “We just offer monthly marketing help whenever you need it, but we only start a new task when the old task is completed.“ The bet is that people will buy in under the allure of unlimited (a la cellular plans) but only request a tiny amount of work. There are caps in place to make it very limited (1 task at 1-3 days is 10-30 tasks/mo) so this is really disingenuous marketing.
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Hi @draganbabic, @a_nater explained it right. However, I don't think it's disingenuous marketing when we actually tell you everything on the website. That is partly the reason why we have an invite request form to make sure we manage our customer's expectations before they sign up. We don't pretend to be cheap, but we are also not an alternative to a creative agency on 5th avenue ;) We believe the service is best suited for small business owners who want quality graphics and help with their technical website and marketing tasks.
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@draganbabic @paulpreisler thanks for the reply and elaborating. While you may not be hiding it completely, it’s tucked at the bottom of the page in an expandable FAQ which defaults to closed (hidden). Also unlimited is unlimited, so anything but unlimited would be disingenuous marketing. I think any cap while calling it unlimited is simply not true.
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@draganbabic @a_nater Ok I respect your opinion on this...
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Can you please define these terms: - Tech Tasks - On-page Marketing Tasks - Website performance control
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It's gorgeous! Nice one! What do you offer different from though? We will definitely think about that at some point for our new app either way! If you want to give it a go to collect some feedback btw, just head over, it's free!
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@baptistedebever Feedier looks great. Good luck with it! The main differences are the additional technical and on-page marketing services. It's best suited for someone who doesn't have these skills in-house but need help with it on an ongoing basis.
@paulpreisler thnaks for the details! make sense! :) Thanks - feel free to have a go as well!
Hello and congrats on the launch of your new service! I'm running a marketing department in my own company and I can say I have always felt the gap in marketing industry you're trying to fill. There are some tasks in marketing teams you cannot just recruit a whole new human resource for and you can't just outsource them to mediocre freelancers in freelancer boards either. I think a service such as yours will be found useful here. For example you need a group of designers, content providers, devs or content managers only for one marketing campaign and you need pros to handle that. Looking forward to work with your service and curious about what your pricing will be..
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Awesome, Really loved the product. 😻
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