A daily list of all the new iOS apps and their contact info

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If you are targeting mobile apps with a SDK or anything else, the list you get from this products creates $$$ for you. It's a no-brainer.
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Hey all! One of the founders here My co-founder @datarade and I built @LinkTexting but we were struggling to find more than 20 apps a day to sell to even though 3,000 are released a day. We built this tool find those 3,000 apps and the emails and twitter handles of as many as possible allowing us to reach thousands of customers a day. We are now opening up that tool to other companies! If you work on a product where a mobile app is the customer our tool is a must!
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@blaurenceclark Would be nice to have a trial period for 1 week..
@goelv If you apply for the Sample Data you'll get an idea of what it's like!
@goelv Varun, the trial data is free. :) Try it out.
@blaurenceclark wow, very meta. True entrepreneurial minds working, happy for you guys :)
@blaurenceclark I applied earlier but didn't receive the sample data.. would love to take a look
Looks great!
@fotoflo Thanks Alex!
One of the cofounders here along with @blaurenceclark . We knew there had to be a better way so we built this. :)
This is... potentially extremely huge. Just think of the man hours... @frostbitee08, thoughts?
@elizabethhunker It takes hours and hours. Beaucoups of hours......
@elizabethhunker Do you contact app developers for ArtSquare? (I see you have a service as well that's human/robotic too.)
@datarade Not really, but tangential probs being solve o'er here. But I know people who would be absolutely saved by this - save time and energy for comms, let the robots handle data mining/entry!
@elizabethhunker hehe. feel free to share this with them. :) :) Thanks!!!!!!!