Grow is a thought leadership platform that shines a light on people, companies and trends challenging the status quo. It's available on the web and as a magazine, distributed in the UK.

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Magazines are like records. They seem to be making a comeback, at least within the tech industry. Airbnb, Uber, and now Facebook are publishing a magazine.
@rrhoover Now I'm kinda just waiting for a PH one, I always prefer text over audio/video (I'm sure your podcasts are awesome guys, just don't do podcasts anymore!) "Monthly Kitties"
@rrhoover Stripe planned Increment. Publishers including Verge were often doing it. If you ever plan it for PH, give a chance to selected guest authors too (with selection criteria of course).
@rrhoover Magik Book tech could be a great option for the physical magazine. Don’t u think?
Grow team, if you're here - we need your help to Grow. This isn't within the context of what you've launched but it's a similar vein. It's impossible for us as a small player to get onto the Instagram Partner program. It means the incumbent social media schedulers such as Buffer and Hootsuite have an unfair competitive advantage; the ability to post to Instagram. We've been attempting to talk to someone at Facebook or Instagram for over 6 months now and get ignored at every turn. What do we have to do to get heard? We've recently been accepted to FB Start and our direct support ticket asking for a contact has been left unanswered for weeks. Please help our startup grow - lack of Instagram support is keeping us from reaching our true potential. Sincerely, The team
Now Zuckerberg and team are launching original content. Meet Grow by Facebook, a new business magazine for business leaders. Most innovative: it's available in print. 😮 Facebook isn’t the only big tech company to expand to print: Airbnb recently launched Airbnbmag, a print magazine featuring stories from around the world for its millions of properties. Tech's favorite stock image curator Unsplash also launched a coffee table book. Psst! We also published a book on How To Break Into Tech, featuring advice from Arianna Huffington, Jack Dorsey, and mo