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Ed Moss
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  • Chiranjeeb Kataki
    Chiranjeeb KatakiRandom engineer at random company

    Easy to use, multiple feedback options



    We have been using Grow at our 10+ people startup for about a year now. I love that people can use it to proactively ask for feedback, and our junior folks have only good things to say about it.

    Chiranjeeb Kataki has used this product for one year.
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Ed Moss
Ed MossHiring@mosstache · Product Designer, Teachers Pay Teachers
Great product Ryan & team! We’ve actually been using this recently at our company (~150 size), and we’ve already found it to be a great tool for soliciting actionable feedback from team members, I’ve already gained so much insight in such little time that’s already making an impact on my performance. The Grow app made it super easy to ask anyone on the team for feedback, which is really great for introverted folks like myself. :)
Ryan Sydnor
Ryan SydnorMaker@ryan_sydnor · Co-Founder - Grow -
@mosstache - happy to hear Grow is already helping you and your team!
Ryan Sydnor
Ryan SydnorMaker@ryan_sydnor · Co-Founder - Grow -
Our experiences at companies ranging in size from 3 to 300k people have helped us realize that the workplace is changing. We were increasingly expected to be proactive about our personal growth - and we found that feedback was key to our journeys. Informal feedback, while honest, tended to be irregular and fragmented. Formal feedback, while more regular, tends to be reserved, especially if someone likes you and knows that their feedback is available to your manager to make compensation decisions. Grow gives you both data ownership and structure, encouraging feedback that is honest, continuous, and actionable. We know the workplace is changing, and Grow is here to help you and your team evolve! We'd love to hear any and all feedback you have for us :)
Conrad Ehinger
Conrad Ehinger@conrad_ehing · CoFounder at Aptera
Very cool - I would be interested in using this to gather feedback from beta users when our software product is ready - do you have people using it for this purpose now?
Ryan Sydnor
Ryan SydnorMaker@ryan_sydnor · Co-Founder - Grow -
@conrad_ehing - do you collaborate with your beta users in Slack? If so, Grow can totally help you out!
Elena Zhizhimontova
Elena ZhizhimontovaPro@zelena · Co-Founder, TogethAR | Developer+Artist
I love how Grow allows to collect feedback throughout the year vs only hear it at your performance review at the end of the year!
Ryan Sydnor
Ryan SydnorMaker@ryan_sydnor · Co-Founder - Grow -
@zelena - awesome! we agree. we want to decouple feedback from "performance review" decisions. we think of feedback as an opportunity for growth and learning, not necessarily something that determines your future comp!
Marco Fabrega
Marco Fabrega@marcoafabrega · Product Builder & Storyteller
I like the idea of getting feedback for personal growth. I think a lot of companies do the typical “end of the year reviews” but in reality feedback is something that should be much more conversational and frequent. Do you allow for custom feedback questions? Just thinking how maybe different teams (dev, design, marketing, sales etc) could use custom feedback questions to ask more specific questions!
Ryan Sydnor
Ryan SydnorMaker@ryan_sydnor · Co-Founder - Grow -
@marcoafabrega - we are on the same page regarding the intent and frequency of feedback :) Regarding your question - yes! Our premium offering, Grow Pro, allows you to customize Grow to meet the needs of your team.