Rent electronics for a month & try it before you buy.

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For roughly 5 percent of the retail price, users can rent electronics for a month and try before they buy. Plus, users can extend their rental experience up to a year, paying a monthly fee for holding on to the device. This includes laptops, headphones, cameras, wearables, smartphones, and IoT products. When a user finds something they really like, and want to keep, they can earn credits by renting the product for a while. Grover offers a 30 percent credit of the monthly payments toward purchasing the device permanently.
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Only works in NYC. That wasn't clear on the site at all, and it just prevents your from registering instead of taking your info and alerting you when they are available elsewhere. :(
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@joshdance Noted Joshua.
@joshdance oh wow. yeah, there was no indication that that's the case
@joshdance This will be fixed by end of today. Also, You can sign up to our newsletter now. Just enter the website and wait for 15 seconds.
I have been using them for a while now, here in Berlin. Quite a spot on startup owning the zeitgeist "own experiences not products" manifesto. Looking to rent a cool camera for a summer tour now. Any recommendations are more than welcomed:)
This could save us a lot of money :)
Great concept! How do I request gadgets not listed in the pages?