App to help weed smokers quit or take a tolerance break

Grounded provides all the tools needed to help users quit weed or take tolerance breaks. It includes a timer, a timeline for withdrawal symptoms, a journal, analysis graphs, achievements, stats for how much money you've saved, and grams you haven't smoked.
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On day 2 and I think this is my new favorite app. Awesome job on it Christopher.
@jackburum Thank you very much!! I hope that Grounded is useful to you. I plan on building it out with more features as time goes on.
Hey guys! I'm Chris, and I created an app called Grounded. Grounded helps users either quit or take a tolerance break from weed. I initially created this app to help people who want to quit smoking weed. With weed becoming more and more legal, I figured that more people will start using it recreationally. That also means that a percentage of those users will also want to quit at some point. What I also found was that there were people who didn't want to quit forever but instead reset their tolerance to weed because the more you use it the more your tolerance builds. In the future, I plan on including features to allow the casual smoker to track their sessions. I would love to hear any feedback/suggestions you guys have, and if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them!
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