Create a stylistically correct and visually appealing resume

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Stylistically correct and visually appealing resume increases your chance to find decent and well-paid job. Now we give you a chance to create such resume for free with help of our service. Just few simple steps and your new resume is ready)
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Should I tell you that I got the great job after correcting my CV on your serivce??? )))
@ruslannaz That is awesome)
Too basic.. Try VisualCV instead..
@skylifee7 it's not basic, it's what need HRs and head hunters. VisualCV use to many design features that breaks UX
@creotiv @skylifee7 Ew, VisualCV examples are as tacky as dehumanizing corporate motivational posters. Cluttered with sidebars too. Very dated looking and try hard, reminding me of the pizzazz crap added to early 2000s web sites.
Nice, I'll add this to my "Hack Your Job Search" collection
Good looking first templates. Might want to look into creating more visual resumes in later stages since they tend to work pretty well from my experience.