A free & simple online tool to validate your business idea

A free online platform that helps early-stage entrepreneurs crystalize and validate their business concept. Gro was created by successful entrepreneurs to help guide you through the 1st step of your entrepreneurial journey.
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👋Hello Product Hunters! My name is Bryan and I’m super excited to finally launch on Product Hunt as the founder of Gro! 🚴‍♂️The Journey As an entrepreneur and mentor, I’ve seen hundreds of businesses start with an idea. After exiting my meal kit delivery business to Nutrisystem, and consequently advising startups as Director of the Founder Institute, I’ve had many businesses approach me for advice on how to startup smart. Many of the questions my team and I received were similar, and from working with these startups, we realized that many of those that failed during the ideation phase failed as a result of avoidable pitfalls. So we created the Startup Idea Assessment Tool as a simple yet effective way to help entrepreneurs validate their ideas. 💡Idea Assessment Tool Using our tool, entrepreneurs can browse curated content and resources, and complete step by step assignments that help crystallize their business idea. 📚The Lessons: ✅ 1.1 Your Big Idea ✅ 1.2 Problem + Solution = Foundation ✅ 1.3 USP (Unique Selling Proposition) ✅ 1.4 Identify Your Target Market ✅ 1.5 Choose Your Business Model 🎉Upon Completion🎉 Users can export a 1-page summary of their business idea, and validate their idea further by answering questions based on their background and founding team. 👀 Coming Soon Gro Academy is an on-demand learning platform designed to help millions of aspiring entrepreneurs take their idea to launch. 🚀 With it you’ll be empowered to: +Follow an Industry Specific Roadmap +Browse Curated Resources +Receive Feedback & Guidance +Join a Community of Likeminded Entrepreneurs +Customized Investor Pitch Deck +Financial Models P.S. This tool will remain free and accessible for any and all entrepreneurs who need it.
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I’ve mentored hundreds of idea stage startups over the years and I think this is a super valuable tool for startup founders of all experience levels. Plus, the makers are legit and deeply concerned about improving the odds of startup success. Bravo!
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@gzicherm That is very humbling coming from you Gabe, thank you for the support!
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I have been waiting for a product like this to hit the market. I can’t wait to use this platform and apply it to my own startup. Great work! 👏
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@ariel_paniry1 Thank you Ariel, we love to hear it!
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Cool idea but what (as a first time visitor on the site) I am missing is an example of such a 1-Page Business Summary for a fictitious company.
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@peter_jaap_blaakmeer glad to hear you like the idea! We actually have examples of completed 1-Page Business Summaries specific to each industry available for our users to reference. You can find them in the top right corner of the assignment portion of each lesson by clicking on the "example" button. Hope that helps!
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@bryanjaneczko ah ok! Although (funnel-wise) that's two clicks too far, and no clear route to it. I would add at least one to your homepage, dead smack in the middle. Output is what people care about.
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@peter_jaap_blaakmeer that’s a good suggestion, we can certainly leave a mock-up at the free tool landing page for people who are interested in getting a taste/idea of what the tool is. Thanks for the feedback!
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@peter_jaap_blaakmeer @bryanjaneczko Thanks Bryan, I was looking for this as well.
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@peter_jaap_blaakmeer @bryanjaneczko @jansenwalsh great input, Peter. However, if you're not willing to go "two clicks too far" then perhaps entrepreneurship isn't the right path for someone--i can't imagine two clicks stopping Bezos or Musk.
maybe it can help validate our startup's idea,wanna get it
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@rick111 Try it out! Let us know what you think of it :)
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