A beautiful adventure game

Gris is a beautiful adventure game available on Steam & Nintendo Switch. Probably "One of the most beautiful games ever made" according to The Verge. Gris is like a stunning animated movie that you can play and got 85 score on metacritic ! It's the first release from Nomada Studio but the game is edited by Devolver Digital (Hotline Miami).

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The art style for this game is simple amazing!
Just a masterpiece, I'm glad to see this kind of indie game on product hunt !
@peterbucks We need two Nintendo Switch. Just saying. This game is beautiful.
@syswarren tu l'as fini ? je l'ai pris sur la switch
Also available on GOG if you don't fancy DRM -
@gabiaxel oh nice! (didn't know it was possible to be available on these both platform)