Gridspace Memo

A speech-aware conference calling system

Gridspace Memo is conferencing software for phone and web conference calls that extracts insights, indexes for search, and creates shareable records of calls and meetings. Memo meetings also provide collaborative note-taking, file sharing, video chat, machine transcription, and a clean, light meeting creation interface.
Hey Everyone, Gridspace Memo is a conference calling product for phone and web conference calls which has speech technology baked in. You can do calls from the web, through the mobile app, or through ordinary phone calls. It has all the features you'd expect from a full conferencing suite, however every call is analyzed by a stack of speech recognition and natural language processing techniques that we've optimized for long-form, natural conversation. Each call and meeting you do with Gridspace Memo is indexed for search like your email inbox, allowing you to search through your conversations many months later. You can also dig into a single completed call for review or content you may have missed if you couldn't attend. If you're interested in using the product, sign up with your name and organization here: When we approve you, you'll be able to setup your account and start using the service. Thanks, Anthony