Personal, effortless team onboarding for Slack

GreetBot is your onboarding assistant for Slack. In a few easy steps it helps you make your new teammates feel welcome and informed when they join your workspace.

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Hello Hunters! We started working on GreetBot a little over two years ago to help teams on Slack give their new colleagues a warm welcome. The idea was simple: every time someone joins your Slack workspace GreetBot gives them a shoutout. Says something funny, casual, warm. Something that breaks the ice. Since then we developed GreetBot further. You can now: – post in multiple public, private and shared channels – greet with a direct message – schedule follow-up messages – set up in seconds with built-in message packs (Welcome Themes) Among the features we are most excited about are the Welcome Themes: you pick a theme from our built-in message packs and every time someone joins your workspace GreetBot welcomes them with a custom message from that pack. For example, if you choose the Hollywood theme, GreetBot will welcome new members using quotes from cinema classics 🎬 or if you pick the Rockstar theme it will use lyrics from hit songs 🎤 I linked above to my blog post with more info about the Welcome Themes. You can also jump to for a closer look at all the messaging options we have so far. Super curious to hear everyone’s feedback 🤓
Awesome product. We have been using this for since the launch. Happy to see this go live on PH
Congratulations, Piotr!
@maxim_leonovich thanks! One small step for a man, one leap for bot-kind 😁

It's a great app, I use it for over a year now


automate community management, and making people feel welcome


Can feel a bit too 'automated' if you dont customize

We are definitely going to work on ideas to make the messages feel more natural in the future. Thanks for bringing this up 🤓

It wasn't clear to me that I could setup both a message to an individual user AND to a channel.


Works like a charm, is easy to use, language for programming the bot is plain english.


Nothing really. Small bug where if an existing user has the word "new" "user" or "name" in their tag-able username, it makes it tricky.

Thanks for your review Martin! Yes, the "new_user_name" phrase can be tricky. I'll keep your comment in mind when we'll be making updates in the future.