Beautiful greetings for when a card is not enough.

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Greetabl is solving the Gifting Gap – when a greeting card is not enough and flowers are too expensive and impersonal.

Select a pattern and fun gift, then personalize your card with photos and a message. Your card is folded into a gift box and sent in a perfect package directly to your loved one’s door, all for $15-30.



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Joe FischerMaker@thejoefischer · Founder,
We both suffered from what we've come to call the gifting gap...those times when you want to celebrate something–a birthday or congrats or just a simple 'hello'–with someone you don't see everyday.
Joe FischerMaker@thejoefischer · Founder,
A greeting card doesn't feel like enough, but you don't really need to spend $50+ dollars or hours upon hours browsing the web. We wanted something that was painless, but still personal, memorable...and fun!
Matt Lugo@wwmld · Customer Experience/Operations
@thejoefischer Been waiting for something like this! Great product curation btw! Does the promocode work for multiple orders?
Joe FischerMaker@thejoefischer · Founder,
@wwmld The code is setup for multiple orders (holiday collection only) but we also make it very easy to send multiple packages to different addresses within the same order. Thanks for checking us out!
KateHiring@katesegrin · Community @Tierion
The perfect little holiday gift! Joe + Zoe (the Makers) were also awesome enough to throw in a discount for PH-ers! @zoescharf @thejoefischer what prompted you to make Greetabl? And what's the best gift you've ever gotten?
Joe FischerMaker@thejoefischer · Founder,
Hi @katesegrin ! Glad you found the discount...thought it's be helpful this time of year :)
Kathrin Folkendt@kathaka · Product Manager, Prezi
really like the idea! any plans to add shipping outside of the us/canada?
Joe FischerMaker@thejoefischer · Founder,
@kathaka We do have longer range plans to open up shipping. We want to provide the best overall experience, and for now that means staying a bit closer to home. Our manufacturing partner is world class and we definitely have plans to expand overseas at the right time.