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Super smart. Their key insight is that retailers cannot advertise below a specified price but often they're willing to accept a lower offer from their customers. Greentoe acts similar to Priceline in which consumers offer a price and that commerce companies can accept or decline.
@rrhoover you are on fire with comments today dude!
@bramk founders Joe and Andrew were in the same YC batch so they've helped educate me. :)
@rrhoover @bramk ah cool! Question for @njdevilsfan85: obviously you're focussed on US right now? How easy would it be to make this work in Europe for instance?
@bramk good question. We are really focused on the US right now and haven't spent much time investigating international. We have, however, been told multiple times that other parts of the world (e.g. Asia) will love this model because it is much more common to negotiate with retailers when they buy things there. That said, i think canada will be the next logical place to expand.
This is brilliant
Thanks Alexis for posting this.