Fences reborn in nature!

GREEND is a new generation grass fence which delivers 4 season-long natural view and sense of green combined with privacy & security. An innovation to revolutionize landscape architecture & a unique technology to mix of aesthetic view with durable structure.
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Hi ProductHunt😊 I am Cenk, an industrial engineer, passionate about designing and building new tools and products to improve lives of people. Today, as business development manager of ALSAN, I am thrilled to share with you our new product : GREEND! GREEND is a new generation grass fence which delivers 4 season-long natural view and sense of green combined with privacy & security. It is innovatively designed in detail and built upon the expertise and technical knowledge of ALSAN engineers which differentiates it from other fence systems. "It is a unique product which aims to establish privacy and authenticity experience in your living space." GREEND is for those who want • to have elegantly designed cover rather than grey-black ordinary fences • to feel the nature than metallic cold sense of ordinary hedges • to enjoy natural view rather than getting tired of maintenance work • to have durable quality rather than ordinary grass fences broken in to pieces Core Features of GREEND: • Intensified Nature Experience • Innovative Product Design • 4 Season-long Durable View • Solid Shedding Resistance • High UV Resistance For individual DIY landscape projects, start-up house gardens and larger professional landscape design projects, GREEND is supplied with required measurements to you. Waiting for you in the comments. Will be happy to answer any question being online for 24 hours! Any feedback is appreciated!
@innovative_designer It is unique product and seems useful.Can we contact ?
It seems Great! Many thanks for the innovative product.
@ugurcan_esen Thank you very much! It is great to hear feedback!
Why producthunt? It seems a little out of concept?
@aykut_ilki Hi Aykut, thank you for this question, great point to clarify! ProductHunt is the place to discover new and innovative stuff worldwide and we wanted to present our unique product here. It is not an app or website as usual in ProductHunt however it has innovation and technology in it, that's why we wanted to present it here!
@aykut_ilki It's still a product of green innovation.
It seems different and I curios about it. Can you send me samples?
@esra_kibar Of course, we are ready to supply all over the world. Please contact us via e-mail . We would be happy to reshape your landscape design!
I absolutely love it! GREEND brings security & aesthetic together with a unique approach, which , I believe , distinguish it from other fences. Kudos to everyone who contributed to this beautiful project.
@ege_eksi Thank you very much! We work to improve standards and lives of people with innovation. These feedbacks motivate us!