Green Inbox

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Eran Back
Founder & CEO @greeninbox
Shira - Thank you for this! Green Inbox started as a side project helping a friend boost his campaign on Kickstarter (raised more than $50,000). While experimenting various methods to promote the campaign, we discovered the magic that later on became We've only made our first baby steps and have a lot planned going forward. IMHO - we are not ready for PH. We still have a lot of "cleaning" to do before PH :-)
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Shira Abel
CEO, Hunter & Bard
In beta, looks very interesting. They already have 100+ paying clients. I can think of a lot of companies that could use this for their campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.
Michel MayAizome Bedding
Have used greeinbox and feel that they deliver what they promise. Initially skeptical cause of the beta-look but I am satisfied. I loved the feature to send your FB friends an email.