Great Jones

Cookware startup founded by and for Millennials

We started Great Jones because we believe in the power and pleasure of making food with your own hands, even if you’re just frying an egg.

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What the heck is millennial cookware? I notice it comes in Avocado Toast color but besides that why would I use this vs the million other brands?
Great looking products. Shame they are made in China. I know, I know, so is my phone and the laptop I am typing this on (hello hypocrisy) but this strikes me as the kind of product that could be made more locally. Perhaps a company like Lodge, with decades of experience, could have been partnered with. I bought almost all of my cookware second hand in France, it has outlasted the previous owners and will almost certainly outlast me and be passed on to my kids one day - my grill pan was made in 1897, according to a stamp on it. There's something to be said for quality products.
@andreasduess I think you've really hit a point here. The "idea" of millenial cookware just doesn't add up to the idea that millenials are the most frequently displaced generation of all time and have the lowest home ownership rates of any previous generation. Why would anyone go out and spend $400 on fancy pots when they have to lug them around constantly from one place to the next? These days people are buying things that take up less space like laundry baskets that fold flat. I would be more interested in a kind of multi-use do it all system that takes up far less space than a full kitchen suite of tools. Nobody does that.
Home cooking is possibly my favourite past time and this set of cook ware is just amazing looking and the price is pretty good as well 👨‍🍳
Am I missing what makes this different than any other cookware?
Great Christmas present inspiration right here!