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This is for those who do not have enough time to sit down and read books.

After signing up and uploading your book, you get snippets from book via text messages. You can reply "Next" to get the next snippet. The service on its won will text you randomly 3 times a day with book snippets. Enjoy!

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Tibo Vincent-Ducimetière
Tibo Vincent-Ducimetière@tttiiibbbooo · Future Creatives Product Manager @Voodoo
Fun concept and an interesting solution to the “no time to read” problem! In my opinion, an app with a book reading screen and reading habit tracker would have been more relevant though. Also how do you plan to deal with copyright issues for newer books? @vksah32
Vivek Sah
Vivek SahMaker@vksah32 · Aspiring entrepreneur
@tttiiibbbooo Thanks for the comment. A valid concern about copyright, its something I am working on. Since the site is not about sharing, it might not be that problematic.
Davis Baer
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
Clever idea :) But wouldn't it be annoying to read a whole book via text messages?
Vivek Sah
Vivek SahMaker@vksah32 · Aspiring entrepreneur
@daviswbaer thanks for the feedback. At this point, we are collecting user feedback. Glad to know your thoughts on this.
Ben Rohr
Ben Rohr@benjrohr · Strategist, Iconic 32
Great stuff. Are you planning on adding email. That I would sign up for in a second. Email me snippets of a book every x time that would be marvelous. As avid book reader who doesnt have enough time in the day to read that would be fantastic.
Vivek Sah
Vivek SahMaker@vksah32 · Aspiring entrepreneur
@benjrohr thanks a lot for the feedback. I can definitely add email option soon.