Gratify IM

Automagic lead generation & data collection through Slack

Gratify IM (Instant Match) is a new service by Gratify that generate leads and collects data for you. Just tell the bot how it can obtain the data that you need collected and the G team will begin collecting at a fixed rate of $1/row.
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Hey all, IM is our latest edition to Gratify. Gratify is a really sweet Slack-based freelance platform. IM delivers the same seamless experience, but matches you with our core team to curate leads and collect data for you. We (G Team) manage the data collection campaign from start to finish to ensure it fits your initial request, data delivered to you is high quality or you don't pay. We can collect virtually anything public on the internet. Hope ya'll enjoy.
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@amplicity $1/per row means $1/per lead?
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@luqa In the case of generating leads, yes!
@amplicity thank you james, good luck for your startup!
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This is awesome! We (Upstack) provide top 1% engineers (screened and matched manually) through the Gratify platform and have loved working with James and team... but we're not just providers in the Grat-fam: we're customers, too! We've had the distinct pleasure of using Gratify's seamless Slack app to get on-demand written content/copywriting, and it's been a breeze/always high quality. Thinking I need to sic my SDR/BDR on this new offering... hmmm... :)
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How can you ensure that you aren't scraping personal data from countries that require consent. i.e. UK (PECR reg 22), DE and others?
@samsexton Great question! Checked with our legal. We don't send any emails, so PECR 22 does not apply to us to my knowledge, however, it would apply to our users. PECR 22 compliance begins with GDPR compliance. We don't collect any _personal_ information from GDPR-governed countries (we don't even look for personal data there). We make sure of this by verifying country of residence in two places..first -- during our filtered targeting for initial collection..second -- before we turn over any data to our clients. We do, however, collect general _business_ information from GDPR-governed countries because the GDPR does not govern corporate affairs. Business data (competitive landscapes especially) has been the bulk of our business so far, and as the privacy landscape shifts, we will continue to comply with regulatory requirements.
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