Hire and work with expert freelancers on-demand via Slack

Gratify is a combination of AI and humans to help you hire and work with vetted designers, developers and other experts from within your Slack workplace. Gratify minimizes the friction associated with finding technical experts for teams. Post a task, receive bids and negotiate with vetted experts all from within Slack!

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Thanks to Chris Messina for hunting! Our team and service has come a long way since our beta launch ~1 year ago. We have finally opened invitations for all to join! Gratify was created out of a working relationship I developed with a freelancer while working on another project. Our entire relationship was in Slack, but we were building amazing stuff. I wanted to recruit more resources without leaving Slack, but a solution didn't exist. This is when we built Gratify. The freelancer I worked with who inspired the idea (Ihor Rusinko) is now our technical co-founder in our distributed team of five. Gratify allows anyone to discover quality experts and build distributed teams seamlessly through Slack, without obligation. If you're an entrepreneur, a Slack user, or just a busy person...Gratify can help you unload and delegate work to pre-vetted experts on-the-fly. If you'd like to apply to freelance on Gratify, check out (US only). If you'd like to install Gratify into your Slack and find experts, check out
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If you are using Slack, you gotta be on Gratify. Easiest way to offload tasks to real experts.
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Congrats James and Eric on the launch. Would love to see Gratify on Stride soon :)
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@bot_chief Thanks Trevor!
@bot_chief Thanks dude!!

You have an immediate access to hundreds of vetted experts by simply typing "new task" - and that's priceless when you need a job done, but don't have specific expertise or your local team is busy. I've tried to use Upwork and Fiverr for outsourcing small tasks before, but there's nothing to compare with Gratify, which just saves a lot of time and nerves


It is extremely simple and friendly compared to peers


If you don't use Slack at all - that might be the only "con"

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I like the idea of recruiting freelancers all within Slack - how does the AI element come into it? @esoelzer @amplicity
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@esoelzer @abadesi Great question! We've laid down all the feedback elements so that Gratify learns from its users. What makes a successful working relationship? What do clients mean when they ask for "xyz"? Gratify collects information like this to become more refined in its matchmaking and responses over time. What's most apparent today is our addition of AAI (Assisted AI). Our human operations team ( behind Gratify can respond to requests that our bot cannot. Price change requests? Disputes? Sticky issues between clients and freelancers that require mediation? AAI helps us fill in the gaps while our AI components take time to learn from our users.
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