Easy-to-use tool to embed Instagram on your website.

Add Instagram pics to your site with our easy-to-use widget. Our widgets are responsive, UX friendly and fast with layouts for Wordpress, Tumblr, SquareSpace, and many more. Free and paid plans available.

We're also the creators of Campsite and CampsitePro

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Great job @villainjosh. I think I'll give it a try. Does the re-branding feature only available in the premium version? 🙌
@samar_ux Thanks! Yes you can customize the free widget too. Take your pick of colors.
If anyone has any questions, I'll be around to answer them. Thanks for the support!
Hi PH 👋 I'm Josh, Co-Founder of GrahamSnaps. Being web developers we have added Instagram gallery widgets to a number of sites, and have always wished there was a more seamless, appealing and UX friendly widget. After paying for a few options out there, and cringing at the final product, we decided to make something we would enjoy using too. We ended up creating a widget that could be customized to fit a brand’s style guide, while still being easy enough for anyone to configure and implement. We even have a 🆓version! We obsessed over the performance and wanted to make sure it’s light and looks great on mobile. GrahamSnaps is a feature-rich widget that you can put anywhere on your site. We can’t wait to see how you use it! Josh

I love all the customizable options to make the widget exactly how you want.


Super easy to use and set up


No cons

Can find the code on codepen, 5/month is totally scam. Dribbble pro gave you a website for 3/month.
@huangdun hello Dun. Sorry you feel that way. We believe we are offering a great product at a reasonable price. We put a lot of time outside of our full time jobs into this project. There is also a free version that a lot of people use. So the $5 a month is totally optional