A free way to solve the one link problem on Instagram

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 29, 2017

Solving the one link problem on Instagram. With lots of branding features, including the ability to link social media accounts, and associate a post with a link.

Add out unique bio link, you manage, to your Instagram bio and never change it again.

Now with custom domains, letting your brand shine. CampsitePro

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Looks really nice, what are the main benefits over
@adigold1 Hello Adi! I'm one of the creators of Campsite. We have a few benefits over Linktree. I believe the biggest benefit is being able to assign an Instagram post image to your links. This makes it easier for your followers to identify the post with the link you're sharing. Also, we have a completely customizable design. You can control colors, fonts, and much more to match your branding. Finally, we have a cool feature where you can assign a future (upcoming) Instagram post to a link. So as soon as you post to Instagram, it will automatically be assigned to your link, allowing you to create links prior to posting.
@jontetz Thats awesome! Thanks Jon for the details! appreciate that and good luck
@jontetz second that. I enjoyed customization even to the point of colors of social media icons. Very thoughtful.
@igoruphere Thanks Igor, we wanted to differentiate ourselves and that seemed like the best way. Our other product, GrahamSnaps took a similar route, so it felt natural to have it in Campsite. Makes it easy for users to fit their brands!
I just set this up. Took a couple of minutes and the interface looks great on mobile. The proof in the pudding will be if people actually click through, especially given the link is to campsite and not to our website. Happy to test it for a week and see what happens as I like the ability to add extra links.
@casmccullough Yeah, this. If I don't see a link at your .com, I'm not clicking it. It would be interesting to see if anyone's ever done any analytics around this. At the least, it should have subdomain support
@casmccullough Hey Cas! I'm one of the creators of Campsite. I was thinking about this before and I think a solution could be adding a 301 redirect to your site. So you could add a 301 that is that goes to your campsite page That way you get the benefit of campsite without the downside of having a link that doesn't match your site
@jontetz That's a great idea Jon. I'll give a whirl!
@casmccullough @rossdcurrie we now allow custom domains to be even more white-label, letting your brand and domain shine. You can use your domain and hide all campsite branding, but get all of our evolving tools. More here (
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@villainjosh Love it! I'd pay a little fee to remove the Campsite branding at the bottom of the page, or add a personal logo of my brand — Let's be clear, I love your branding! But thinking of using it for a fashion brand, for example, would be nice to have it "personal".
@mrdobelina Thanks for the kind words. If we see continued success, we would love to offer some premium features, which could include your idea about custom branding.
@mrdobelina We now have a Pro account, and even allow custom domains. More here (
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@villainjosh Awesome! Already shared to a couple of brands. Good job!
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Nice idea, would really like to see some screenshots of what a bio/link page looks like, either on here or on your website.
@rossdcurrie Thanks for the idea Ross. We were thinking of doing exactly this on the homepage of the site with a variety of bio pages to show people what's possible
Just started using it, the setup is very easy and loving the interface! Looking forward to see how it works out