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SF has a ton of great graffiti. Downloading this now. This might encourage me to explore more of the city, capturing and sharing some of its best pieces.
@rrhoover This is great news! Exploring cities, whether familiar or new, is exactly the point of @Graffmap! Send me your address and I'll send you some stickers!
@rhymeswithsimon wish I could double upvote your comment. 277 Golden Gate Ave #404 San Francisco, CA 94102 (thanks!)
@rhymeswithsimon would love to hear how this is going!
Nice app, I'll mostly use it to discover but could see myself snapping a pic and sharing if I come across something here in Chicago. Similar hunts: Blank Walls Are Criminal: Google Street Art Project:
@bkrall Thanks for posting Graffmap! Send me your address and I'll send you some stickers! I'm sure there is amazing street art in Chicago. I can't wait to see what you'll share. Those similar hunts are really cool too!
Hey! Graffmap founder here! Graffmap is a free app for iOS (Android coming out very very soon) to discover and share street art - online and in person. Finding street art often comes down to luck; Graffmap solves that problem by showing you where to find the best crowd-sourced walls around the world. Let me know if you have any questions or comments! Also, we have some stickers lying around. Shoot us a message on the Facebook page if you'd like some!
@rhymeswithsimon Hey Simon! I love the concept of this app. I've always loved street art, but often you miss out on a lot of pieces because of how quickly they're covered up or hijacked. I dealt with this back in 2010 when Banksy came to San Francisco. I was still able to see all of his pieces a week after they went up - but at that point a few had been defaced. With how ephemeral street art can be, do you plan on introducing an archive feature? This would be awesome in areas with higher street art concentration (for me, locally, there are few hubs - Oakland + Berkeley, San Francisco, San Jose). I'd love to be able to upload and geotag the locations for long-gone pieces. I hope Graffmap takes off! I don't see any pieces tagged in my city, but I'll contribute soon :)
@stttories Thanks Tori! We totally agree that it's important to have an archive! I want to stand in front of a big wall and and go through its history with Graffmap. Wouldn't that be cool? My head is buzzing with possibilities! You can upload pictures pictures of wall that have been removed, just make sure to specify it's removed in the description. Can't wait to see what you'll share with us and thanks for the encouragement!
I tried to build this app about 8 years ago - love the idea.
I made a prototype of a similar concept about a year and a half ago and thought it would take off on Tumblr. Unfortunately I wasn't able to build a community in my city. Thought starting small might be better but just couldn't get people interested enough to submit their their graffiti photos, which were already on my site. Nice work. App looks great. Excited to post some stuff in SF.
@michaelschultz Building a community is the toughest part of a venture like this, especially if you want to keep it interesting for people who may not submit content. I actually built two web-based versions of Graffmap before moving on to the app. For me, the map aspect is the most important, in fact, the first "real" version was a cross between wikipedia and Google maps! I'm a huge fan of street art and built Graffmap because I wanted to use it to log picture of walls I found around Montreal or when I travel. At its core, Graffmap is something I want to use. Because of this, I'm ok with using it while we get the word out and people start using it. Thanks for the kind words! I can't wait to see what SF has to offer! (want stickers? Send me your address!)