GradJoy saves you money on all your student loans

GradJoy saves you money on all your student loans! Interested in lowering your monthly payment, want to compare refinancing options or simply want to see how you're doing? GradJoy is here to help you!
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Thanks @aaronoleary for hunting! πŸŽ‰ Hi PH, I'm Jose one of the founders of GradJoy πŸ‘‹ We built GradJoy to help us tackle our own student loans. I graduated from UT Austin in May with about $40K in debt. πŸ’Έ Couple months before graduating, I was trying to prepare and plan out how I should start paying off my student loans. After a day of fighting clunky websites and excel spreadsheets I was exhausted. We started GradJoy to help me tackle my student debt, and now we are excited to share it with everyone that is also tackling their debt. We are rolling out new features everyday currently with GradJoy you can: βœ… See all your student loans from one place βœ… Simulate your payments and see how much you could save βœ… Get notified of upcoming payment due dates, or any changes with your loans βœ… Understand the pros and cons of refinancing options βœ… Get 100s of refinancing offers, understand how your payments would look like without affecting your credit. We are working on rolling out integrations for private loans, and to allow payments via the app! We’d love to hear about any ideas, experiences, and feedback you might have. πŸ™
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This is awesome!
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I love being able to see the status of our student loans in a single view, it lets me know when payments are coming up and the APR for each of the loans.
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Great idea and solves a real problem. Let me know if I can help.
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Love this idea, simple but effective. Anything to help combat the rising cost of crippling student debt is good in my books.