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cool idea but have to sign in with linkedin 🙊
@bentossell #GrowthHack !
@bentossell that's by design to make sure the system remains unbiased, the recommendations are more accurate and so it's super simple to get started :)
@anujadhiya @bentossell limiting your users log-in possibilities is a lock-out technique not advisable for launching or distributing a product. There is not enough brand value to force this, so questioning this is necessary. Another questionable point is to break with established log-in models, which you do with forcing linkedIN oauths on a global scale, regarding there are countries where linkedIn is not an established network. So, rate this "growthhack" = 3/10 - you tried ! :P
@andmitsch Maybe I should've said "Potential Growth hack". Having said that, in my experience gut feel/best practices are just that. What works for most may not apply in a specific context so no way to really tell what the impact of forcing the signup the way it is may be. I guess I'm willing to give more credit for trying this approach :)
@yostar @bentossell Also, seems like it requires too much permissions. Profile overview could be more than enough, but it requests permissions to post updates on my behalf. I want to try it if you fix this.
Grade My Stack lets marketers organize their marketing software based on the 4 pillars of content marketing framework and ultimately receive a grade on how robust or limited their stack is.
cool idea to gauge how effective your stack is compared to others ... and get feedback. Like i!
Great application of the 4 Pillars of content marketing!
the linkedin oauth flow is giving me a bad gateway error.
@jeff_nolan thanks for letting me know. Looking into it but shouldn't persist if you want to try again