Gotta Go! is your perfect excuse to escape any date, no awkward explanation necessary. Just pick the excuse you'd like, and the app takes care of the rest.

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I saw Chelsea's new Netflix show this weekend and met @tonydotsc and his team who built the app. The show is really good and goes into the comedic story of how the app was built. Fun fact: I visited Palo Alto last summer to participate in the filming but they cut me... not surprised 😜.
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@rrhoover @tonydotsc Shoulda brought the PH mascot with.
@rrhoover @tonydotsc haha face for radio Ryan?! :p
I sincerely hope there one day will be an usefull startup around here. It's all fun and games, and it annoys me a bit. Sure it's fun, but did you really need an app for that ?
@edinvejzovic People find value in different products/apps. There are many products that are extremely useful. Part of the delight of Product Hunt is the variety of things posted. There are products that are fun like this one and also very impactful products. Personally I don't understand multiple weather apps, yet lots of people find them useful. My opinion is different to others.
@bentossell It's not your app that's bothering me, I've got to admit, it's really good, but like you said, weather apps, " which kardashian are you " , etc. is what grinds my gears. Your excuses are actually quite realistic and good, sorry for not looking trough to the end. I appreciate the work you put into this.
@edinvejzovic it's not my app. I agree that I don't need a Kardahian app... but some people see value in it.
@bentossell Did not know about you not owning the app. Sorry 'bout that. You're definetly right, there is a market for everything, even the kardashians, but I envisioned this site as a place for tech and inovation pioneering, not for acquiring kardashian market. I might have underestimated this app at first, but you've got to admit there are alot of submissions on PH, that aren't really usefull, and are created solely for the "make a quick buck via startups" reason trough all kinds of incubators and such with no intent to offer real progressive value.
@edinvejzovic different products are made for weird and wonderful reasons. An app that gives me my 9 best instagram photos for 2015 isn't necessarily valuable to me but it was fun and the product went viral with thousands of people using it. Lots of products are fun side projects too. I love seeing the community building a wide variety of things. Product Hunt is a great place to discover all sorts of things
Thanks for the love Product Hunt!
Only US :(
@emilstahl yep. that's very sad :/
Looks good, when is it gonna be available outside the USA?