Solar-powered cooker and oven

Oooh, this is slick.
@rrhoover I love ideas like this. I never even considered this was possible and not only is it possible but it's got so many positive use cases! Positivity in products is crucial.
I like the no fuel concept, but I'm not certain of the market size. It's fairly pricey. Not attainable for third world countries either. I love direction. I wonder if they tried Kickstarter
@vivekmgeorge I'm certain that price could go down if the marketing opportunity was there.
@vivekmgeorge They are succesfully supported on kickstarter. Almost twice now check out their campaign
So that's my first question-- Is there a model here meant to improve impoverished areas?
This is really brilliant. It's green, safe, portable, and efficient. No fuel source needed... I'm so impressed!
I got the product, it kicks ass. Have you Checked GoSun Grill already?