GoSquared People Analytics

One place to understand your users

GoSquared People Analytics brings together the best of a CRM, marketing automation, and real-time customer insights, to be the only tool you need to understand and communicate with customers at scale.

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Cat NooneHiring@imcatnoone · Founder & CEO, Iris
As a GoSquared user/fan and founder, this is pretty exciting to see. Looking forward to giving this a spin.
Andrew RatomskiMakerHiring@ahtomski · Marketing at GoSquared
@imcatnoone Awesome Cat! It's a huge step forward for us and it's a product we know people have wanted in some shape or form for a long time :).
guillaume cabane@guillaumecabane · VP Growth @Segment
I've had the chance to trial this, and it's a huge move for GoSquared, leaping from the Dashboard only space and into the analytics. Storing the data also means GoSquared will soon be able to calculate metrics, not just display metrics (like Geckoboard and Ducksboard). For SMBs like me, it's a call we can't resist. Way to go @ahtomski !
Andrew RatomskiMakerHiring@ahtomski · Marketing at GoSquared
Hey guys! I'm Andrew from the team at GoSquared, we'd love to have as many ProductHunters give People Analytics a trial. Our exclusive offer is 75% off for the first three months for new users from ProductHunt with code "HuntSquared" on top of the normal two week free trial. I'd love to hear you feedback and answer any questions!
Andrew RatomskiMakerHiring@ahtomski · Marketing at GoSquared
Hey thanks Guillaume! Definitely, good to hear we're moving in the right direction and solving a problem you've experienced. We think People Analytics will only get more powerful, the easier it is to bring in data from a range of sources and easily manipulate it.
Dean Perry@deanperry
This looks interesting. Is it similar to the kinda thing customer.io, etc does apart from emailing customers?
Andrew RatomskiMakerHiring@ahtomski · Marketing at GoSquared
@deanperry Hey Dean, customer.io is a really neat product. We obviously don't have communication capabilities yet but it's easy to export a list from People Analytics to use in other places. I think at the moment, we're focused on making it as easy as possible to bring the user data you have in x number of tools and services into one place so you can easily search and filter it. Any thing else you'd like to know?