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GoSquared Live Chat is a beautiful live chat tool to increase conversion on your website. Effortlessly speak with visitors and customers with all the key insights you need to close every sale and make every customer smile.

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James Gill
James GillHunterHiring@jamesjgill · CEO, GoSquared
Hi there! James from GoSquared here. Before you say it – yes. Another day, another chat tool on ProductHunt. We know we're not the first, but we've wanted to build a live chat product for years at GoSquared – to be the perfect compliment to our analytics platform. Live Chat is nice and simple, and you can enable it with just a few clicks if you're already using GoSquared for analytics. We've got lots of plans for the development of the product, but right now we've focused on making it really easy to talk to visitors – you can see one continuous thread of conversation from the moment they first hit your site, to becoming a user, to becoming a customer. Live Chat is still in beta so you can use it for free, and we intend to have a free tier of service once we're out of beta too. Hope you enjoy the product (and the page) and we're here to answer questions as the pop up. Happy chatting :-)
Stephen Radford
Stephen Radford@steve228uk · Founder, Cocoon
Been using the beta of this. Really great work guys 😄
James Gill
James GillHunterHiring@jamesjgill · CEO, GoSquared
@steve228uk Woop! Cheers Stephen, really thrilled to hear that!
Leo Bassam
Leo Bassam@leobassam · Founder, CEO at Plutio.com
Looks absolutely stunning!
Hugh Hopkins
Hugh HopkinsHiring@hughhopkins · Development of the Business Kind, GoSq…
@loaibassam thanks man!
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards@de · Design at Product Hunt
This looks great guys, beautifully designed and love how it's a simple install if you use GS already! Congrats on the launch!
James Gill
James GillHunterHiring@jamesjgill · CEO, GoSquared
@de Thanks so much Dan, you are too kind. Hope all is well, and thanks for stopping by!
Steve Messer
Steve Messer@stevenjmesser · Product Manager, @gdsteam
Huge fan. We've been using the beta for the past couple months and it's been incredibly helpful, not only for engaging new visitors but also providing support for our customers. The team have been quick to respond to our own support queries, and have even launched a feature we'd find useful – not bad at all! The iOS app is essential too, allowing us to engage leads and customers outside of office hours, when the majority of our market are active. For something that takes seconds to install and starts returning results instantly, I couldn't recommend it more. Big ups, props, and other good tidings to @jamesjgill and @hughhopkins!
James Gill
James GillHunterHiring@jamesjgill · CEO, GoSquared
@stevenjmesser @hughhopkins Steve, this is *exactly* what we want to hear. It seems that for a long time live chat has been used primarily for customer service, but more and more we're seeing it used at the top of the funnel to assist in conversions and pre-sales. Lots more to come on the apps too ;-) Thanks again sir!