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#5 Product of the DayMarch 11, 2015
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Hi everyone! We built Gorgias to make it easy to use templates and shortcuts in your emails. You can create templates with variables in seconds and then start using them with keyboard shortcuts. For Customer Support teams, we also provide a collaborative version to share templates and get stats. Our next step will be to provide response time stats and automatically suggest templates. We’re excited to hear your feedback guys. I’ll be answering questions all day. We’re also interested in what you think our next features should be! Here is my email: romain@gorgias.io
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I use Streak to email canned responses (and some of my favorite animated GIFs) occasionally but these inline shortcuts look more usable. Installing now.
@rrhoover Thanks, let me know what you think in terms of UX compared to Streak
@rrhoover @romain_lapeyre I also ended up only using Streak for the keyboard shortcuts. This looks way better! Question on the premium -- why do I need statistics on my shortcuts?
@rrhoover @crixlet The stats are about emails (time to 1st response, time to resolution for support tickets), and usage of the extension (time saved with Gorgias). Additionally, the premium version includes template sharing with your team. So when someone updates the pricing template, everyone is on the same page.
@rrhoover @romain_lapeyre Awesome. Thanks on that. I just started using it this morning and I can already tell it's a winner. The fact that it's not tied down to Gmail means that I can use it everwhere (Intercom, chat messages, etc) which is obvious but awesome!
@rrhoover @crixlet That's great to know. I'd love to hear more how you use it, can I reach out to you after you've given it a try for a week or so?
Great product. Romain showed it to me a couple of weeks ago. And I now use it on a daily basis. It's a delightful experience from Gmail to FB.
Amazing. I was using Gmail's sh*tty canned email feature. This is a game changer.
@samanthakmeis Glad to hear that! If that's of interest, we also have a collaborative version for Sales/Support
@samanthakmeis what do you not like about canned emails by gmail?
I'm using it almost every day. Once you've created your templates, it is a great experience.