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Ashley Hindle — Smellynose Ltd
Future plans for the site are:

Getting a nice logo
Better search/tagging
More job sources (if you run a job site please get in touch: hey@goremote.io)

If anybody has any other ideas I'd love to hear them!
Brad Yasar — It takes a whole life to become you!
@theahindle where are the jobs being pulled from? i see 3 sources on there but a full list would be good to know
Ashley Hindle — Smellynose Ltd
@yasarcorp @theahindle It currently pulls positions from WeWorkRemotely, Wfh.io, GitHub Jobs, Stack Overflow Careers and Authentic Jobs. I'm looking to add Angel.co next and hope I can find some other good sources also!
Brad Yasar — It takes a whole life to become you!
@theahindle great thank you. more sources the better! :)
Jamie Fraser — Principal Developer - Q.uiz.me
perhaps you should consider making the job digest email frequency customisable, so that some people can choose daily, others could go weekly / bi-weekly ?
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