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Ryan Garman
Ryan Garman@ryangarman · Founder @
@rrhoover & @jasondainter I would love to have the opportunity to provide you both demos of This is the best way I know to show the value of what we have built. Here is a link to a youtube video so you can see exactly what a JMail is: We are a small startup and do not have copywriters on staff. We wrote this copy ourselves and clearly it is setting off some red flags. We will update immediately. Being startup guys, and after speaking with countless other startup guys and gals, we have found a lot of folks are intimated by PR as they think they do not know how to write press releases and communicate directly with journalists. JMail was created to to solve the first issue. We give you the exact structure to effectively message a journalist. We are also believers that if you have the ability to start a company, raise funds and build a team, you certainly have the ability to speak directly with a journalist. Hopefully JMail will be enough to help get the ball rolling... We are NOT claiming to be a "silver bullet," but we are confident that we are a much more cost effective solution than a small PR firm. I have run an international PR firm and the "pros" don't do things much differently then you will with JMail. To further this point, what the "pros" don't tell you is that journalists love hearing directly from companies, CEO's, and executives, so your JMail's will be well received. When you start to get to the point where you have budgets of $10k+ per month, that's when you will outgrow, with our current offering. Larger PR firms can provide significantly more resources and value, crisis comms - massive networks, but that is not the market we are trying to make more efficient. At the end of the day we are trying to directly connect startups/small businesses and journalists. We feel there is value in this to all parties, now we just need to execute well. If you have any suggestions, please let me know, as I am sure there are things we can do better! Twitter: @ryangarman email:
Michael Raven
Michael RavenHunter@micrv · Founder & Managing Director, Blazon PR
Awesome service that we've just signed up for, would really recommend it!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
It's unclear exactly what it does, making me assume some shadiness, especially with copy like this: "JMail is's structured, journalist response rate maximizing, message format. With JMail we make PR as easy as writing an email - No Prior PR Experience Needed. JMail's simple format is the result of years of A/B testing, ensuring journalists are quickly hooked and pitched. Simply put, JMail will yield the best possible results for you and your business." @micrv - how have you used it? Side note: @Justin_Wilcox has a clever hack for getting press using Mechanical Turk.
Jason Dainter
Jason Dainter@jasondainter · International doer of things
Thanks for this, good timing since we're about to announce a big relaunch and had been firing up our PR relationships again. Same questions here though @micrv it does sound a bit like a 'silver bullet' which seems a bit too good to be true! Anyone tried this/know if you get results? Would be good to get the founders in here to tell us some more...