Travel insurance made easy

Buy travel insurance in 60 seconds and cover your tail feathers! Goose is your ticket to fast, easy travel insurance. It only takes a minute, and you’ll have 24/7 coverage for up to $10 million.

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I just started using SafetyWing and love to see the market opening up for insurance. My wife and I are traveling for the foreseeable future - do you have a competitive offering for digital nomads?
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@writerpollock The team is planning to roll out an annual subscription product that would be perfect for digital nomads... for now it's a one-off policy purchase model though. With the $10 credit thing though, you could refer all your friends and get your insurance for free (up to $1000) currently.
@writerpollock Hey Tristan - with Goose you can also get access to emergency services features like dialing 911 equivalent in any country for police or ambulance services, getting a map of local hospitals near you, and 24/7 claims support assistance. We are trying to make it easy to get help when you really need it 😺.

I'm just glad someone made travel medical insurance easy to get so I can actually get it instead of forgetting and 'hoping for the best.'


Fast. Convenient. Adorable. SUPER AFFORDABLE.


None that I've experienced.

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@nburgwin thank you so much for the love and support 🙏🏼
Hey @nerdburn, What makes your product stand out from other similar ones out there?
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@jacqvon As a Canadian, I really like that it reminds me when I'm at the border or airport to get travel insurance, and the buy process is really streamlined (takes seconds) compared to other insurance apps. I'm a designer on the project, so I'm naturally biased, but we did a ton of research to speed up the buy process.
@jacqvon Jaqueline with Goose we have a bunch of features that are geared towards protecting Canadians, giving them accessible help when needed and making insurance easy. So with Goose you have emergency service locators of hospitals, 911 equivalents, 24/7 claims services and etc right at your fingertips. We will also remind you with Goose Smart Notifications so you don't leave Canada without insurance. Plus it is so easy, like less than 60 seconds easy to buy insurance and cover your tail feathers 🙈.
Why is this better than working with my traditional insurance broker?
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@danirogerc No phone calls or visits to an office! Get a reminder, click it, have travel insurance in 60 seconds. That's the whole point. If you do have questions then you can call or live chat, but really, why spend time calling and visiting an insurance broker?
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Travel Insurance has never been made this easy to get, even on the go. The app is very user friendly. I highly recommend it to anyone that travels


Super easy to use, great price


No cons

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@kipamar thank you for your positive feedback and one of our amazing customers/advocates! Appreciate it! 🙏🏼