Google Trips

Exploring the world with all your travel info in one place

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Raphaël Améaume
@raphaelameaume · Front-end Developer @akufen, MTL
Wow, it just took a few seconds after login to retrieve all my past trips, even if some were made three years ago. Impressive ( but a little bit scary too ? 😳 )
Stephan Castro
I love the idea of this app. But I wish I could "Share" the trip with my family. Currently it seems you can only take trips by yourself :)
@leejien · curious law student
I used the beta version during my europe backpacking trip and it was a lifesaver. On the day before I travel, I download the city for offline usage and I know I am more or less prepared. It provides all the critical information (currency/ transport options/ emergency contact no.), and a good starting point to survey all the popular places - all in one app. O… See more
I used this in beta, its pretty handy
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This might be competitive to the recently announced Airbnb Live There down the road (no pun intended).