Google PixelBook

The high performance Chromebook.

Google PixelBook is the new high performance Chromebook.

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Google need to pitch me how to switch from my mac to a Pixel Book. I'm a power user and I code (VS Code, Git, Iterm, alfred, typinator, Docker). Google Apps I don'T use them. Is this for me?
@_pascalandy There's some decent code editors online now but I'm sure they're still crippled vs VS code. No way to use those command line utilities unless you login to another machine running them. Google assistant may replace your Alfred usage? The pixel always confused me because it's such a premium product but can't run the software that people who would would pay such a high price demand.
What customer profile it is intended for ?
Here's the official blog post:
I still rely on Software at work like the Adobe suite. Once this is no longer required, I can make the switch to Chrome OS. Until then...
Dear Apple: please put the "Pro" back in MBP soon or my family is leaving you for Google.