Google Pixel 3 is the latest flagship smartphone by Google with one of the best cameras on the market.

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When you thought the notch couldn't get any bigger or uglier, Google went and proved everyone wrong.
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@benbrausen , Until it shuts off for no reason and customer service tells you there is nothing they can do. Mine was just a year old, in perfect condition, never dropped, wet or out of the case and it just quit
Pixel keeps getting better. I've been #TeamiPhone for a while, but this is making me second guess my allegiance. Who's considering switching from iOS to Android for this? 🤔
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@rrhoover I've been #TeamAndroid or more specifically #TeamPixel for a while. 🙏🏾🙌🏽 What's making you consider the switch now? Apple's announcement for the XS (+Max) a month ago was pretty big and was making me consider doing the opposite
@rrhoover Already did a while ago. Give it a try.
@rrhoover My exact thoughts every time I see the new Pixel come out.
@rrhoover yeah. Same... I feel so... conflicted. But to be fair the only reason I switched was to get in on this sweet iPhone X action but that now feels played out. I would honestly switch just for the feature where you can screen a call! Also, Project Fi is a bit of a dream and I miss having that.
@rrhoover personally I've invested in the iOS ecosystem, not just the phone; I don't think I'll ever switch to Android. But for others who haven't, Pixel 3 seems like a great phone feature-wise. Not sure about the huge notch AND the huge chin, though. IMO it looks kinda ugly from the front.
The Pixel 3, "Notch-your average Pixel phone"
Why even add a notch if you are going to have a chin on the bottom? Why not even it out? I have the first pixel (still running strong), I have 3 google minis, chromecast and use a lot of google services, but what hurts every single time is the lack of creativity and the amount of compromise. To simply put... they have no balls. They look at what other people are doing and just copy and paste, sometimes add a new feature but also remove good features. The presentation today was cringe worthy. The audience was mostly silent, nobody was impressed by anything. The speakers were boring, google Assist could have done those presentations. They showed the phone's back so many times that it was like they were embarrassed of the notch. And they are only releasing this phone on Verizon? Is this 2010? Samsung's phones look the most appealing this year, nice storage, nice screen, headphone jack, s-pen, great specs... what keeps me from buying a samsung? Their bloated software, their desire to force down your throat Samsung services which are crap. I will keep my Pixel 1 for now.
@tostartafire with you on this one. I'm still enjoying my Pixel 1 and been using Nexus before and I love them. But I would love to see Google innovate more and also be more aggressive on their features. It just fails to give you a deeper story. All this 'become a superhero' crap is so 2014. My pixel should last another year for sure, probably changing to Pixel 4 next year.
Should probably change the description to "Most leaked smartphone of all time" 🤔
@tabish_gilani or best marketed one ;)
@tabish_gilani I'm almost certainly sure that was all intentional.