Google Cloud Natural Language API

Natural language API using Google machine learning


Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Yup, seems to work(ish) - tried a couple of times and 'Product Hunt' came up as an organisation before, not this time though... http://i.imgur.com/HFVWv4y.png You can read the launch blog post here Would love to hear from @apoorvsaxena1 on this !
Chafik H'nini
@ch4fik · Founder, Apiloop
Do you know when it is available for French language ?
Daniel F Lopes
@danflopes · I help build products faster @Whitesmith
"Initial support for English, Spanish and Japanese. It includes: * Sentiment Analysis: Understand the overall sentiment of a block of text * Entity Recognition: Identify the most relevant entities for a block of text and label them with types such as person, organization, location, events, products and media * Syntax Analysis: Identify parts of speech and c… See more
Miron Vranjes
@mironv · UX PM on HoloLens. Hacker. Pilot.
This is exactly what I've been looking for! Right now, LUIS and Wit.ai mostly require you to route your entire chat stream through them, making it difficult to do hybrid approaches where you can clean up chat structure via pattern matching and then try and decipher using NLP. An alternative approach is to use Stanford's CoreNLP for this, but the sheer size … See more
Rotem Yakir
@rotemthegolfer · Guggy CEO - Fun-up Your Message